Nina Dinoff began her creative career as a graphic designer, honing her skills at many of New York City’s leading interactive design agencies. As a graphic designer, Nina always strived to embrace clean lines and minimal design, eventually developing the unique graphic style from which her from work as a jewelry designer has evolved.

    Nina’s love of pure form and manipulation of material led her to her pursuit of jewelry design. She creates metalwork that focuses on the interplay of simple, geometric form with the complex, organic nature of the body. Her work is bold, yet elegant; minimal in design, yet substantial in impact; stylish and of the moment, yet fueled by a strong, timeless vision.

    Since she launched her first collection for Nina Dinoff Jewelry in 2006, Nina’s work has been praised by design blogs including Design Sponge and Modish. Her work is currently available in many boutiques from New York to Chicago, as well as online through stores like Mixt Goods and Etsy.

    She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.